Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mickey's Ice Cream Word Art - Disney Digital Scrapbooking Freebie!

You've got 2 more days to get your layout done for the MouseScrappers challenge and get this Mickey Ice Cream Kit made by me!!

Join us over at MouseScrappers!  Click here

Here's some matching Mickey's Ice Cream Kit wordart for you that you can download here!

Hugs :)
Denise aka A Grieving Mommy

Friday, November 26, 2010

Some Pages

Some pages I made this week:

Kit Credit: Haynay Designs

Another page I made this week:

Kit Credit: Kellybell

I bought a few CU things over Black Friday so hopefully I'll be back quick with some more freebies!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Disney Digital Scrapbooking Freebie Alert!!! Disney Masks :)

I'm super excited to host another challenge this week! I know it's a busy week for those of us in the states (with the Thanksgiving holiday and Black Friday) but hopefully you all can join me :)

I'm not big on the Thanksgiving holiday.  It's just hard to spend a whole day thinking about being thankful when you're supposed to be spending your day with family and half of my family is dead...
But I actually do work hard in my life to find things to be thankful for. And one thing I am VERY thankful for is scrapbooking. It is my hobby, and joy, and therapy! I truly love it and love learning new techniques and styles. Lately, I have fallen in love with photomasks! Photomasks are just a black/gray shape that you clip your photo to - giving your photo that same shape. I think they are super fun and can be really useful to highlight your photo or crop someone or something out with a cool look to it.
So this week, I'm keeping it super simple. The only rule is to use a photomask on your layout and I've even made a bunch of Disney masks for you to use!  Join me over at MouseScrappers here for the challenge.
Here are the Disney masks I've made for you:

Download here

Download here

Download here

Hope you like them and give them a try!
Some instructions for clipping your photo to the photomask:
In Photoshop Elements, put the photo layer on top of the photomask layer in the layer list. Then hit CTL-G.
In Photoshop CS, put the photo layer on top of the photomask layer in the layer list. Then hit CTL-ALT-G.

Your Prize Package if you complete the challenge is this Mickey's Ice Cream Kit I made:

Hope you like the masks and join me in the challenge at MouseScrappers!
Denise aka A Grieving Mommy

A few new kits and a Wild Disney Digital Scrapbooking Freebie!

My good friends Natalie and Kelly have some new kits out!
Natalie has an awesome dinosaur/fossil kit called Fun with Fossils.  Find it on her blog here
I used it to make this page of my son digging for fossils at our local children's museum!

And Kellybell has a wild kit out that's perfect for Animal Kingdom pics called Safari Expedition. I scrapped a LegoLand safari page with it:
And I have a wild freebie for you!  Some wild Mickey Heads!  Hopefully you can use them for your Animal Kingdom layouts :)

Download them here (for a limited time).
Thanks for comments if you like them!
Denise aka A Grieving Mommy

Sunday, November 14, 2010

BumbleBree's Angel Day and a Winnie the Pooh Digital Scrapbooking Freebie

We spent Bree's Angel Day together as a family, just being together, enjoying our son, and remembering her.  Here's a page I made for her:

While his Dad slept in, my son and I went to McDonald's for breakfast.  We donated to the Ronald McDonald House and filled out papers with the girls' names on them to hang on the wall in their memory.
Then we went home to wake up Dad and my son made my day!  He's getting so big now and understands that Angel Days make me sad because I miss the girls (I cry a lot) and this year he made us all presents.  So the first thing we did was open his presents.  He had one for Dad, one for me, one for "BreeL and Cloee" and of course one for himself.  He had given us some of his own toys and each of us a drawn picture :)  He opened the one for Bree and Chloee since "they can't open it."
Here's my picture.  Did you ever notice that MoM written by a kindergartener is WoW?? he he

Here's the family picture he made for the girls.  (Bree-Elle is the one in the bee stripes and Chloee is a ladybug.)
It is moments like these that I just know the girls have to be here with us somehow.  How could they miss out on their sweet brother's gift for them?  If I were dead, there is nothing that could keep me away from watching over my son.
Then of course we ate - what we usually do to combat the pain - stuff ourselves with mind numbing food.  And donated all of our cash to the donation box at the restaurant for a local girl who is fighting cancer.
Then we took Tyson to a Bounce House place to play and just enjoyed every minute of him.  And we did a balloon release for her too.
That night, while the boys played the PS3, I finished up the kit I made in loving memory of her.  The pages above all use the new kit.
I knew I wanted to do a bumblebee kit.  Bree-Elle was first nicknamed BumbleBree by her aunt Natalie, my sister.  It caught on and soon became "BumBum" and Bees became a part of who she was/is.  She was a bumblebee for Halloween and now we decorate her grave and things with bees.  So when I thought about bees, Winnie the Pooh Bear came to mind.  I love PoohBear and have used many of his quotes in our home and in scrapbook pages.  And so that's what I made!
Here are my Disney pages I scrapped with it of my little boy when he was a baby:

Here is my kit in memory of my daughter Bree-Elle called "BumbleBree".  It's my favorite kit I've done so far.  Very bright and colorful, heavenlike, and meaningful to me.  I hope you like it and can use it :)
Download it here (for a limited time)

Thank you to my digi-friends and grieving friends for your support during this hard time.  Love you all.
A Grieving Mommy

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ariel and Her Daddy: A Little Mermaid Digital Scrapbooking Freebie

It always makes me cry at the end of the movie when Ariel says goodbye to her father, "I love you Daddy."
It makes me think about our goodbye to Bree 3 years ago from right now.  I know from the timing of her death that she was thinking that exact thing.  She was thinking of her Daddy and how much she loved him.  It wasn't coincidence that she died at the moment that she did.  And honey if you read this, know that she loves you and the night she died was proof of her love for you.

I wanted to make an Ariel and Triton tonight since I was working on Natalie's new kit Seascape and thinking of my daughter and her daddy.  I made them and used them on this page with her kit:

And I'm giving them out as a freebie because love can be stronger than pain.
Download Ariel and Her Daddy here

A Grieving Mommy

PS - Thanks so much to those of you that leave kind comments here on my blog.  It really does help to know that someone cares.

Friday, November 12, 2010

A Special Page for My Little Fairy Daughter - and a Disney Digital Scrapbooking Freebie

When I think of Tinkerbell, I think of my daughter Bree-Elle.  I remember, in utero, she was my most active child.  I said at her funeral that she kicked like a little ninja.  She was spunky and giggled and laughed and smiled her little heart out.  Her daddy could get her to laugh the best!  I just know that she would have been our Tinkerbell, spunky and cute and sweet but a little wild and fun too.

Tomorrow is the day that she died.  November 13th.  Her 7 month birthday.  There are no words to say how much my heart hurts.  She is dead and never coming back and that KILLS me.  It is physical pain, nausea, headaches, tears, and lots of numbness in the end because I just can't take any more.

But if I am able to do something, I always find some happiness in scrapping.  Thank goodness for that.  And for my hubby and sweet son - the reasons I'm still here.

Today, I made a page for my Bree-Elle and her big brother.  He loved her so much.  He wanted to always be around her and it surprised me but he was never jealous or anything.  I guess he understood even then that she was special and wasn't going to be around long.  He still misses her but he's forgetting her and that hurts too.  So I did a page for him to help remember her and included Tink as a special memory of my spunky Baby Bree.

Kit Credit: Kellybell

The fairies on my page were scanned (at 300dpi), extracted, and embellished by me.  I have them as a special freebie for you in memory of my Bree.  Download them here.
My plan is to spend some time making a freebie kit in memory of Bree tomorrow on her Angel Day so hopefully I can dig out of the pit of grief and do that.
Sending hugs to you,
Denise aka A Grieving Mommy

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Wanna Free Disney Digital Scrapbooking Template?

I'm hosting a template challenge over at MouseScrappers.  Come join me!  I have a participation prize and a freebie Disney template for you.  This time I wanted to do a template that could be used many different ways :) When I paper scrapped, I used to cut photos out of letters so I wanted to create a template that you could use in that way... or other ways too.

Here's my page I made for an example using the template. It's a cover page for our 2008 - 2009 Disney album featuring favorite pics of my boy that year.

(Page made using some of my own elements and some from Chelle's Creations kit Happy.)
This is a great template for cover pages, or for Disney characters, Disney treats, Disney souvenirs, etc. Be creative! You can also fill the letters with patterned or colored papers instead of photos.
Here's the template! Hope you like it and can use it :)  Download direct here
Instuctions for Filling the Letters aka Clipping Masks: The easiest way to use this kind of template is to place the photo or paper you want to take place of the letter (or whatever) - let's say the "D" - on top of the D in the layers list. Then hit CTRL-G for PSE or CTRL-ALT-G for PSCS to create a clipping mask. You can also use that to change the color of the Starburst background.

And if you make a page using the template and leave love for others in the MouseScrappers forum, I have a little something for you.... some Disney Doodles made by me!

Check out the Template Challenge at MouseScrappers here
Hope to see you there :)
A Grieving Mommy