Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Bree-Elle

Happy Birthday in Heaven Bree-Elle
You should be 2 years old today. We miss you and we love you BumBum.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter Grave Decorations

Here are the girls' grave decorations for Easter. I've been doing a lot with metal lately because it is totally weatherproof. I've had so many things damaged from the weather - warped wood especially. Plus it's easy to clean and shines when you drive past it - blinds you sometimes - I like the idea of people noticing my girls. Plus, they are so nice because they stand up and you can see them from a distance and they are super easy to put in the ground.
These are metal signs that I made using a garden trellis ($17 each) and attaching a piece of sheet metal ($3 each) to it with wire. You can get the sheet metal at HomeDepot or Lowe's by the ducting. The garden trellis you can find almost anywhere - at a nursery, home improvement or even Walmart store.
The photos and clip art I made in photoshop and then cut and laminated them. They are weatherproof also. I use a good magnet to attach them to the metal.
Then, when Easter is over, I just take them off and put some other laminated photos up. So cute and easy! I could even reuse the laminated photos and clipart next year if I want to.
Happy Easter girls! I miss you and love you.