Saturday, August 28, 2010

Off on Safari at LegoLand

T and I off on safari at LegoLand :)
And I've got the word art for a freebie for ya:
Download here

thanks so much for comments if you like it!
:) A Grieving Mommy

Monday, August 23, 2010

Letters to Heaven and free folded paper psd template

It's been a long time since I wrote a letter to heaven so I did 2 matching pages with letters to heaven last night for my angel baby girls.  The summer is the best time of year for us, as far as our grief goes.  We have the girls' birthdays and angel days (the days they died) throughout the year in Sept. Nov. Feb. and Apr.  So every few months, we are hit hard with our grief.  The summer goes a little bit smoother.  I can feel inside of me that September and that Chloee's Birthday is coming so I thought I'd do some griefwork and write to my girls - really wish I knew how to mail these to heaven.....
Here are my pages with Letters to Heaven:

Kit Credit: Kristi W Designs
When I was making my pages, I really wanted the paper to look folded, like it'd been sent up to heaven and they opened it.  So I searched for a tutorial and finally got it to work!  And I made it into a freebie psd folded paper template for you with instructions - for personal or commercial use.

A Grieving Mommy

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Around the Pond

I love creating a scene that didn't really exist!  It just opens a whole world of options with my girls being in heaven.  I guess I feel like I can still create something for them even though I will never get new photos of them.  Likewise I love doing it with my little boy too!  My latest page is him at a make believe pond - they're imaginations are just so huge.  I'm sure that when he was "fishing" in real life (at the children's museum), he really felt like he was in a place like the one I've created in this page!

Using Ildi Geist's Down the Pond Page Set

Pinocchio Scrapbook Freebies and Pages

I've been trying to scrap some Hidden Mickey pages for Pinocchio's ride at Disneyland :)  My hubby is obsessed with Hidden Mickeys!
Here are the pages with a hidden Mickey in the glass sailboat case and in the popcorn on the floor of the ride!

Credit: Natalie's Place Designs
And I have some freebies for you!  The Pinocchio, BlueFairy and Ride sign from my personal photographs that I took on the ride at Disneyland extracted by me!  Enjoy :)

Hugs, A Grieving Mommy

Orange you the sweetest!!

He just can't eat an orange without first playing with it!  Ok, I'll admit it... I taught him to do it.  I remember doing that as a kid too :)
Orange, you the sweetest little boy!!!

Credit: Delicious Scraps

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Want some freebie templates?

Head on over to where I'm hosting the next template challenge!
I couldn't decide which of my pages to turn into a template, but I finally settled on a design that I've used quite a bit and that I hope you will find useful. It's a layout with squares. I used it to make these pages - altered to change the squares to circles in the last one!

Find the template challenges here
So here are the templates - yes! templates. I made 2 of them. One with the standard size squares and one with itty bitty squares that I've heard called "inchies" around digiland. Do you feel up for that challenge?! I'm going to try that one myself!

You can download them both here

Monday, August 16, 2010

Sword in the Stone Scrapbook Pages

What kid can walk past the Sword in the Stone at Disneyland and not try to pull it out??!  My son loves to try and I hope that he continues to try and never stops believing that he can :)  Here are some page ideas for the Sword in the Stone monument featuring my sister when she was little and my cute boy.

Credit: Natalie's Place Designs

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Disney and Hawaii Pages - Splash Mountain WordArt Freebie!

I've been doing some Disneyland and Hawaii wordart!  Here's my Splash Mountain page of my extended family from 2003.

And a page from when we went to the Dole Plantation in Hawaii in 2005.
Credit: Kellybell

And I've got a Splash Mountain digital scrapbooking freebie for ya!  A Splash Mountain title that I scanned and extracted for my page.  Hope you can use it!

Hugs :) A Grieving Mommy

Our Little Sorceror

We got this Mickey Sorceror hat and it is just so stinkin' cute on him that I had to do some matching pages for his scrapbook!! 
Here he is - my sweet boy in his Mickey Sorceror Hat - our Little Sorceror! 

Credit for kit: Project B
I have some freebie wordart and a mickey hat for ya! Photographed and extracted by me.

Download here

Hugs :) A Grieving Mommy

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Aloha! Hawaii Pages

We went to Hawaii with my side of the family when T was only 6 months old!  I still can't believe we went!!  It seems crazy to me now :) he he
He really didn't even like it.  It was so hot and humid and it was winter back in Utah.  He'd never even experienced summer weather yet!  The sand got in his diaper and the water was too cold... sigh!
I did manage to get some cute pics though!  So 5 and a half years later, I am finally scrappin these!

Credits: Natalie's Place Designs

New Pages!

Here's one of my boy dressing up like a jester at the children's museum with a friend there.  They were having so much fun being silly!

Here's another about my angel Bree-Elle.  She holds the key to my heart - in heaven.  When she died, we bought a special mother and daughter set of bracelets that had a key and a lock on them.  She is buried with hers on and I wore mine for a long time - until it broke at Disneyland.  It spilled all over and I remember these super nice people helping us pick up beads from the ground.  It hurt my heart when it broke and I kept the pieces that we were able to find - but I haven't yet.  I just try to remember that my heart holds the real key to her heart...  Miss you Bree!  Love you.
Credit: Kellybell

Minnie Mouse Pages

I just canot get over my son's first time meeting Minnie!!  It was the most magical moment.  He ran right to her and gave her a big hug.  Then she took him into her house and sat on the couch with him and spent some time with just him for such a long time!  I sooooo wish I would have had my videocamera at that moment!  Instead, I think I will scrap that moment over and over again :)
Credit: Natalie's Place Designs