Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Pages!

Here's one of my boy dressing up like a jester at the children's museum with a friend there.  They were having so much fun being silly!

Here's another about my angel Bree-Elle.  She holds the key to my heart - in heaven.  When she died, we bought a special mother and daughter set of bracelets that had a key and a lock on them.  She is buried with hers on and I wore mine for a long time - until it broke at Disneyland.  It spilled all over and I remember these super nice people helping us pick up beads from the ground.  It hurt my heart when it broke and I kept the pieces that we were able to find - but I haven't yet.  I just try to remember that my heart holds the real key to her heart...  Miss you Bree!  Love you.
Credit: Kellybell


deb said...

Lovely word art. Thank you for sharing your heart. While the entries are sometimes heartrending they are so tenderly written. I can't imagine your loss and the depth of your grief.