Sunday, October 24, 2010

Queen of Hearts Paper Pack! Disney Digital Scrapbooking Kit

I'm back with the paper pack for the Queen of Hearts I promised!
I've made 14 different Queen of Hearts themed papers for you :)  Two that are specifically Disney themed with a Queen of Hearts on one and a large mickey head on another.  You can add it to the element set (scroll down to the next post if you don't have it) to make a little Queen of Hearts Digital Scrapbooking minikit :)  Or these papers would be great for any Valentines or Love themed pages.  

Here's a page I did using one of the darker patterned papers in the set.  See, perfect for other layouts too!
It's a page for my hubby and son because they are my life and my love and my reason for living.

Some of the elements on the page are from Toys for Boys by MandaBean and Zoe Pearn.  Some were made by me.

Here's the paper pack!  I am in love with a bunch of those papers :)
Remember that I claim no rights to Disney's copyrighted images.  This is a site for entertainment and educational purposes only.  I do not sell my designs and do not make any money from them.  I share because I want to help other scrappers and to spread good in the world in honor of my girls. 
I choose to keep doing freebies because of the kind comments I receive from people.  So if you like it, please leave a comment :)

Download them here
Please don't share, refer others to my blog to get it!  And if you make something with it, I'd love to see it!
Sending hugs to you :)
Denise, aka A Grieving Mommy

Friday, October 15, 2010

A Queen of Hearts Freebie! Disney Digital Scrapbooking :)

I'm all about the Queen of Hearts today :)  She really is one of the coolest villains!  I have a freebie element set for you but first here's my page that I did using a kit by Kellybell.

And here's a freebie for you by me!  I have an element pack for the Queen of Hearts.  I was going to try to do a paper pack too - but it's going to have to wait since we are heading to Denver right now for a Broncos game.  When I get back I'll finish up the papers and then you can have a Queen of Hearts mini kit!  For now, here is the element set including all of the things you see separately and also in a wordart too.
Download here
Remember that I use a direct download link instead of 4shared to protect people from sharing the link - so if you get an error, please try again in a few minutes!

Enjoy!!!  Hope you can use it :)  And, I just want to thank those of you that leave kind comments and are "digi-friends."  Thank you so much for your kindness and love.  I appreciate it more than you know!

Sending hugs to you :)
Denise aka A Grieving Mommy

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Shark and Aquarium Freebies

I've got some freebies for you again :)  I was doing some aquarium and Jaws pages of my son and thought someone might be able to use the word art and some shark sillhouettes.
Here's the page I made from when my son "met" Jaws for the first time at Universal Studios.  I soooo wish I would have caught that on video!!!  He was so scared.

And a page from the aquarium.

Both pages made using Bean Bunny Designs kit Shark Tails

And here are the freebie wordart and shark sillhouettes for you:

Hope someone can use it :)  Download here
Sending hugs to you - A Grieving Mommy

Tonight I am missing my ChloeeBug

I suffer from depression a lot - which comes from the heartache I have over my girls' dying and leaving a hole in my heart.  Tonight I am especially missing my ChloeeBug.  I just can't get over the fact that she would be 5.  Her birthday was last month.  I keep dwelling on the things that I will just never know - her hair color and her likes and dislikes, would she be a picky eater, would she love or hate soccer and dance? would she be a daddy's girl or a mama's girl? would she dress up or be a tomboy?  what would her favorite toy be?
Of some things, I can be somewhat certain.  I know that her eyes would be blue and I think she would have been my shyest child.... quiet and sweet.  But I don't know and that is killing me.  It literally feels like a knife in my heart when I think about it.
I scrapped this page awhile ago for her called A Beautiful DayDream:

Journaling: It has been exactly 4 years 6 months and 2 weeks since you died. You sometimes feel like a beautiful daydream and sometimes it feels like a horrible nightmare without you here. You should be celebrating your 5th birthday next week, going to preschool and doing big girl things like learning to ride a bike and having playdates. Sooo many things I wonder and want to be doing with you. Instead, I daydream and can only wonder and wish that I knew and that you were here so I didn’t have to daydream about you and wonder. No matter what though, alive or dead... are one
beautiful daydream

Kit Credit: Project B
I've also been thinking a lot about how our lives changed forever the moment she was hospitalized.  I became a different person and my life is organized by "before Chloee" and "after Chloee".  I did a page recently using Creations by Rachael's kit Ouchies to document that:
Journaling: On November 15, 2005, our world was rocked and torn apart forever.  We took Chloee to the ear, nose, throat doctor that day to try to find out why she was having so many problems breathing. It was called stridorous breathing and it was so hard to see that her little body had to work so hard to breathe. They had to put a little camera down her throat to see what was wrong. We found out that she had laryngomalacia which is when the voicebox collapses on itself and causes an airway obstruction. It was so bad that they had to schedule her for surgery right then. We were scared and worried but had no idea what was ahead
of us that night. We got her bloodwork done, and left the hospital to grab a bite to eat at McDonald’s down the street. At McDonald’s, I received the phone call that rocked our world. Chloee’s bloodwork was wrong and we had to go back to the ER to get it checked. As we drove back, I had a bad feeling inside of me. And when they checked her bloodwork in the ER, they knew something was horribly, horribly wrong with her
We were admitted to the hospital that night and found out in the next days that our precious daughter had a
terminal illness. That day changed our lives forever.

On her birthday, I spent a few hours making a kit in her memory.  And tonight I decorated my blog using it.  It made me feel a little better and I'd like to give that kit out tonight as a special gift to the world in her memory :)
Here's my kit Princess Chloee:

Enjoy :)  And instead of paying for this kit, next time you hear about a sick kid or children's hospital drive, donate something!

Download Expired - it will be a Charity Kit soon!

Hugs to you :) Denise aka A Grieving Mommy

Saturday, October 9, 2010

It's that time again! Halloweentime is here :)

I'm not a fan of Halloween. Tombstones and dead bodies don't really appeal to me since I have purchased 2 real tombstones and held 2 dead bodies in my arms...

But my dear son, being the boy that he is, loves it.... so I do my best to enjoy the holiday with him and try to ignore the gore and death.

He loves everything spooky and scary like bats and spiders as well as dressing up in a different costume for each event we go to :)

I've been doing a bunch of Halloween scrapbook pages, as this is the time of the year for that and wanted to share the awesome kits out there! Plus I have some freebies for you too!

Here are my journal/notebook type pages documenting my son's love for spiders and bats! He's been obsessed with them since he could talk and I'm so happy to have finally done some pages about them :)

And another one:

Using Ildi Geist's kits  
And a few more pages of my cute boy as a bat in 2007 and a skeleton in 2008 :)

Made using a Bean Bunny kit
And I couldn't resist doing a page for my favorite, spookiest ride!  Tower of Terror!!
Made using Natalie's newest kits Spooktastic, Frightful and Haunted!

And, I have a Halloween wordart freebie for ya!
Download it here.

Sending hugs to you :) A Grieving Mommy