Thursday, September 30, 2010

Minnie Mouse Freebies

Silly Mickey!  Don't you know that Minnie is the star?

I did this page a while ago but got it out and redid it a little so that I could get it printed and made a matching page to go in the album with it!  They both document how much my little boy used to LOVE Minnie :)  You can see how much he adored her in these pics that will no doubt embarass him when he's older he he!

Kit Credit: Kellybell

I have the wordart I made and the Minnie that I hand painted in photoshop as a freebie for you :)  Hope you can use it and if you like it, please leave me a comment!!

:) Hugs
Denise aka A Grieving Mommy

Thursday, September 23, 2010

In the Wilderness

This week, I've been scrappin' some camping and outdoor pages.
Here's my cute son with marshmallow mouth!  He LOVES camping for the marshmallows!!

Kit Credit: Colie's Corner
And this year, we took our son to Yellowstone for the first time!  He loved it.
At the Bear and Wolf Discovery Center, he got to hide the bears' food throughout their enclosure.

Kit Credit: Kellybell

Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Favorite Moment in Disneyland

This week, I am hosting a challenge over at MouseScrappers.  Come join us!  We are scrapping our most memorable or meaningful Disney moments.  And there's a full digital scrapbooking kit for the prize if you finish and post your layout!

I chose to scrap a photo of my son and I at Disneyland that our good friends took of us in 2006.  It's just a random photo, you can't even see any part of Disneyland really.  But it has come to be my most cherished photo taken there.  It's my son giving me a big smooch :)  It was a hard time for me - Chloee had just died about 3 months earlier.  This picture reminds me of why I am still alive today.  It is because of my son and that I love him just as much as I loved my girls.  So I choose to live even though a part of me has died each time my daughters died.  And as he gets older, it seems like the kisses get a little shorter and less frequent.  So I cherish them even more!

Kit Credit: Kellybell

Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy Birthday in Heaven Angel Chloee

 It's Chloee's 5th Birthday today.
Happy Birthday in Heaven Baby Girl!  I love you and I miss you every second.  I just want you here with us...  I want to know what you are like at 5 years old.

This year, we got a princess birthday cake with a frame on top and took it to her grave to have her balloon release and birthday memorial.  We did a nail polish drive for Utah Share - an organization who helps families whose babies have died.  They give the nail polish so that parents can paint their baby's nails as a final gesture of love and to lighten the color post-mortem.  We collected a whole bunch of them that will go to help other grieving families :)

I spent the day enjoying my living son and making a digital scrapbooking kit in memory of my little princess!
It's called Princess Chloee and here it is with the page I did for her Princess birthday cake:

You can get it for free by completing this challenge over at MouseScrappers this week.

And I have a gift for you in loving memory of my Chloee, a past kit I've made - TeaCup Fairies.

Download expired
Hugs, A Grieving Mommy

You've been Punked, no you've been Goofed!

It's my daughter's birthday today and I've been thinking a lot about why I scrapbook and what it means to me.  My siggie says, "Life is about Love and Scrappin' is my documentation of that Love."  I am feeling like I need to focus in on that thought more - specifically scrapping the really important and meaningful things in life.  Yesterday, I did these pages for my hubby's birthday of a special moment of him at Disneyland.

You've been punked, no!!!! You've been goofed!  I will never forget the time we were at Disneyland in toontown getting Goofy's autograph for Tyson's hat when Goofy pulled a prank on you! You tried to get the pen back and he played the "try to get the pen" game!  It was so hilarious to see Goofy giving a Dad a hard time.  That's the best thing about disneyland it doesn't matter how old you are!  You still feel like a kid.  And we have this moment with Goofy to prove it!

And I have a Goofy freebie for you!  The Goofy photo holder from my page.  (Please note that this site is for Entertainment and Educational purposes only. All freebies offered on this site are intended for non-profit purposes only. All clipart images used for freebies were obtained from the public web domain and are not intended to infringe on any copyrights. I make no claims to the copyrighted images of any Disney Character. Yet, I do claim the creativity and work that went into manipulating the freebies you see on my site. The Disney characters are copyrighted by the Walt Disney Company. Other clipart images are copyrighted by their respective owners. Visitors to this site must agree to use the freebies for non-profit, non-commercial purposes only. I am in no way connected to the Walt Disney Company or any of its affiliates.)

Hope you like it! Hugs :) Denise aka A Grieving Mommy

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Disneyland Autographs with Daddy! And a Blog Train

These Disneyland autograph pages are a sweet little tribute to my hubby - the best Daddy ever!
Saturday is his birthday - our daughter Chloee's is the next day.  She should be turning 5 years old.  What a way to ruin his birthday for the rest of his life.  This year we have to do Chloee's birthday on the weekend so family can come up to her grave for her memorial birthday party and that means my hubby will spend his birthday doing his daughter's birthday memorial.  I feel so bad for him, but he just says to me, "The kids are more important than me" anytime I bring it up.
He truly is the best Dad ever.  He held my daughters while they were sick and gave Bree shots when her seizures wouldn't stop.  He was there when we buried them, closed the caskets, helped me plan funerals, picked out and carried the caskets, helped design the headstones, decorated with countless grave decorations and did some of the hard things that I just couldn't do.  He is my sweetheart and the love of my life and the person who told me that I needed to choose to live again after Bree died.
He designed special tattoos to get on his heart in memory of our daughters.

And that's not even any of the things he does for our living son! 
My hubby and son do everything together :)  From playing soccer to making crafts to playing PlayStation - he is my son's hero and idol.  It doesn't matter what it is, he's there.  From waking up for a 9am soccer game (he works nights), to little things like teaching him to tie his shoes or teaching him his phone number and doing homework with him.  Things like at Disneyland, when my son is always too shy to go up to the characters, he's always there for him.
These pages are a tribute to that small act - but it is just one tiny example of what an amazing Father he is :)

Getting autographs has never been an easy thing for you!  You are such a shy boy and even though you love the characters, it is sooo hard to go up and ask for an autograph!  But lucky for you, you have a Daddy who will do anything for you. He always goes up and helps you.  That makes all the difference.  It's just what you need to go meet those characters!  And Mom is always there to get the whole thing on camera!  You are so lucky to have such an amazing Dad.  He really would do anything for you!  I hope you always turn to him for the help that you need!

Kit Credit: Kellybell

Friday, September 3, 2010

Vacation Pages

I scrapped a couple of vacation pics :) 

This first one is from our most recent trip to LegoLand in Carlsbad, California a few weeks ago.  T was soooo hilarious - he was obsessed with being buried alive!  It is a bit sick and maybe even morbid - but he got it from Mythbusters.  It's one of his favorite shows!  One episode they had Jamie buried alive in a coffin to see how long he could breathe.  T was fascinated by it - I don't know if it had anything to do with the girls being buried or what...  But anyway, he begged his Dad to bury him alive in the sand :)  When he was buried, he just sat there - blissed out :) and stayed there for like 10 minutes.  We even had to itch his nose for him he he!  I just had to scrap that moment!!

The next one is of my hubby and I before we had kids!  We even loved Disney back then and we sure went on a lot more coasters then :)  Now we always have a kid with us and they make us sick half of the time anyway he he!  We're getting oooold.
These pages made using my good friend Natalie's Place Designs kit Under the Boardwalk.

Our Magical Place :)

My friend Heather of Haynay Designs has this amazing Disney scrapbooking kit out called My Magical Place and I couldn't resist doing some Mickey pages of T meeting Mickey in our most magical place - Disneyland!!  He wasn't nearly as smitten with Mickey as he was with meeting Minnie - just really really nervous to meet him!!  He doesn't look that thrilled :) he he

And I have a couple of freebies for ya :)  A Mickey autograph and another squared template to add to the set I've made.  Grab the other squared templates here.  And if you haven't yet, join us over at Mousescrappers in the template challenge I'm hosting here!

And let me know if you like them!  I really appreciate any comments!

Enjoy :) A Grieving Mommy - Denise