Friday, April 23, 2010

More Scrap Pages for my kids

Some pages for all of my kids! My favorites are the top and bottom ones.

The top one is called What your Eyes See and it's about what Chloee is seeing in heaven.

And then there are 2 pages for T.  The purple one is called Purple Graffiti for Bree-Elle.  I wanted to do one for Bree from T since it was her birthday.  He's drawing purple butterflies for her :)

The bottom photo is from the children's museum called Out of a Fairytale.  Journaling reads: One of your favorite things to do at the children's museum is to dress up as a knight and put on a play!  You are so creative and imaginative.  I love to hear about the brave knight and all of the adventures you go on!  Your favorite is to slay a dragon and save the princess of course!  That is probably my favorite time at the museum!

Credits: Fanfan Rues des Anges