Saturday, April 17, 2010

Chloee's a Gift, a Letter to Heaven, and My Grieving Bleeding Heart

These are my pages that I made this week.  They are all so very different.

The first is a page for Chloee called Chloee's a Gift.  It's so super sweet and bright and beautiful just like she is/was.  I love that photo of her!

The second page is a Letter to Heaven.  Sometimes I write to them and I wanted to do a page with a letter to heaven...

The last one is so dark.  I love it.  I wanted to do a page to show how much I hurt and the pain I've been through losing 2 daughters.  I feel it shows so much how much my heart has broken... and it answers the question of how could my heart ever be reparable with that kind of damage?...  it can't and it won't ever be... and it just feels good to express that even though it's painful.  And yes, I bought that heart with skeleton shirt so that I could cut the heart and wear it on days that I'm hurting...

Credits: Veronica Spriggs