Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy Birthday in Heaven to Bree-Elle

Happy Birthday Baby Bree!  I can't believe you'd be 3 years old.  I wonder what you'd be like.  I wonder if you'll come be with us today...

Today, we will remember you, eat cake, sing to you, and let purple balloons go -  to you in heaven.  We are trying to get a children's museum membership worked out to give to the hospital in your memory.  It makes me happy to think that because of you families at the hospital will be able to go have some fun together time at the museum.

Every day's a lifetime without you sweetheart.  Happy Birthday BumbleBree.  We love you... we miss you... we just want to be with you

credits: let's celebrate by kasia designs


plaidspolitics said...

I'm always late. :( I'm sorry I didn't get on here in time to send Birthday wishes. I know it wouldn't make anything better, but just to let you know that someone thinks of you and Bree. Since her birthday is close to Dominic's, and she is close in age to Bridget, and because we both have two kids who died from probably some kind of genetic metabolic/mito disease, I just can't help but think of you frequently. Even though we've never "met" it seems our experiences have made us well acquainted. Well, I hope you can accept these thoughts a day late, and not think me tacky or insincere.