Thursday, January 20, 2011

Finally got my son's Christmas Thank You card done!

So it's only January 20th, that's not bad for sending out the thank you cards for Christmas right?  he he
Here it is.  Credits to my awesome sister for the idea of wrapping my lil munchkin up and photographing him as he unwrapped!!!  Hope this gives you fun ideas :)

Denise aka A Grieving Mommy
ps - scroll down for the winter sledding freebie kit.

Our Life Last Week and Wintertime Digital Scrapbooking Freebie!

I finished our life last week pages and wanted to share what I made with you!
The highlight of the week was taking my son sledding for the first time - which is kind of crazy that he's never been since it snows all winter long here. But for some or other reason, we've just never gone until now!
So here is our week last week:

And I have a freebie wintertime kit for you!  A Sledding Kit in honor of my son's first time sledding this week :)  I cherish the little things like that because they are the big things to me.  I will never take my girls' sledding so everything I do with my son is such a treasure.

Hope you like it and can use it!  Download it here
Denise aka A Grieving Mommy

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Disney Digital Scrapbooking Freebie - Mickey Head Date Elements Set

So Teresa (WDWScrapPrincess) asked me for my Mickey head tags from the template challenge only made for dating and I thought what a great idea!  So here are some Mickey Head Date Elements for you!
They come in psd and png format so you can mix and match and customize your date element.
Choose whether to include the year or sparkles.  Or use them to create titles!

Download them here

Here are the original Mickey Head Countdown Labels from the Template Challenge.  You have 5 more days to finish and get the Prize Package - my Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Kit!

Thanks for leaving love if you like this date element set!
Denise aka A Grieving Mommy

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Get my newest freebie kit - Rainbow Clubhouse

I finished my latest kit called Rainbow Clubhouse  - made for the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show that my son was in love with a few years ago!  Get it by joining me in the template challenge here.  The deadline to finish the challenge was extended until next week so you still have time!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Freebie - Week #2 Templates and Metal Day Frames

Hi all my digifriends!
I finished my week #2 pages and have a freebie template and some more metal frames for you :)

Here's our week this last week:

Here are the Week #2 templates.  (Available for a limited time.)

Download here.

And here are the Metal Day Frames.  (Get them free for a limited time.)

Download here.

Hope you can use them!
Denise aka A Grieving Mommy

Sunday, January 9, 2011

For my girls this week

I'm trying to do a page each week for my girls.  Here are the ones for this week.

These are pages for Chloee.  I only have 2 photos of her outside...  This was just before she was hospitalized.  She should be out playing in the sun, sledding down hills, and marveling at the snow.

Credits: Creations by Rachael's This Moment

And a page about Bree's diva blanket - given to us by one of my mom's friends.

Credits: Creations by Rachael's kit Gurrl's Nite

Saturday, January 8, 2011

It's Speed Scrap Time!

You've got 24 hours to finish my Speed Scrap to get the Disney Traffic kit here:

And I made a page with it!  And a freebie for you too!!!

Here's my wordart from my page for ya!  Hope you like it :)

Download the wordart here

Join me for the Speed Scrap at 11 MST here

Denise aka A Grieving Mommy

Friday, January 7, 2011

Join me for a Speed Scrap and Get a Disney Cars Digital Scrapbooking Kit

I'm hosting a MouseScrappers Speed Scrap tomorrow night.  And if you join me, you'll get a super fun Disney digital scrapbooking kit that's perfect for Autopia and other Disney Cars inspired pages!
A Speed Scrap is when you get a set of instructions in an hour.  You use those instructions to make a layout but you've got a full day to join in and finish your page.
Here's the Disney Traffic kit you can get from me:
And you can get the matching alpha by doing this Speed Scrap here

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Free Disney Top Ten Countdown Templates!

Hey everybody!  It's my week to host a template challenge over at MouseScrappers - the best forum on the web for Disney scrappers!

I've got an awesome freebie template for ya and a fun PP to go with it :) Come join us!
So here's the story behind these templates...

The other day my son started giving me the run-down on Superheroes and who is the best and next best, etc. So I asked him to give me his top 5 and he proceeded to figure out his top 5 Superheroes. He put so much thought and reason into it that I've been meaning to scrap it for a few weeks now.

I know someone has done a top 10 challenge before, but sometimes it's hard to organize a page for that so I wanted to give you a template you can use for those types of pages and make it easier for you hopefully!

The thing I love about top 10/5 challenges is how versatile they are. Top 10 rides, foods, characters, magical moments, restaurants, things you love about ______. It's a great way to journal and tell about your love for all things Disney. You could also use it as a countdown to a trip or advent calendar type of thing.

Don't want to do top 10? Then just use the one side of the template and do top 5!

Here are the templates. They are 2 different psd files with pngs also.  Included are the 10 Mickey Ears Countdown Tags and 2 Disney swirls I made for ya! Hope you like them :)

Download them here. If you get an error message, will you try again in a few minutes? That means the server is a bit busy.

I've also made a PP for you if you finish your layout! Some more of the Disney swirls like the ones on the templates.

Hope you like them and come join us in the challenge!  Find the challenge over at MouseScrappers here.

Have fun and I hope you can get something meaningful scrapped!!! Now I gotta go get my son's layout done!

Thanks for all of your kind comments.  That is what keeps me sharing!
Denise aka A Grieving Mommy

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Updating my Blog

Hey all,
I'm feeling the New Year's urge to clean up a bit.  Old freebies done for CT requirements have now been deleted and I have fixed some old freebies that you might not have.  Some freebie links have expired and the kits will becoming Charity Kits to fundraise for different nonprofit organizations.  I also have some new Charity Kits coming out soon!

Turtle Talk is back up and linked to download.
Alice's Autograph is fixed (It was not in a transparent png format and now it is.)

Snow White The Ride freebies are back up and linked to download.

Buzz and Woody are linked to download again.

And I've updated the Purple Tinkerbell freebie - you'll probably want to download it again since it is now a Tinkerbell instead of a cluster element.

Enjoy :)
Hugs to you,
Denise aka A Grieving Mommy

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year, A New Project, A New Freebie!

It's a New Year and that means the usual things for me - new goals and a new project that I am going to try my best to do.  My hubby and I have a resolution to take more video of my son.  And I have some scrapbooking resolutions.
But first, let me explain a bit about the changes you'll see in my scrapbooking and blog.  About a month ago, I had some trouble keeping up with my CT (Creative Team) Duties.  A CT is when you scrap pages for a designer in exchange for a free kit.  I had to evaluate why it was I was having touble getting pages done for that designer and I came to the conclusion that I didn't want to sell other people's kits anymore.  I'm not a salesperson, have never been, and don't want to spend my spare time selling someone else's stuff and working on whatever theme they need done.  Scrapbooking had become like a job and it was all about making pretty pages to sell someone's kit.  Deep down I knew that I didn't want to do it anymore, but because this designer (and the others) had become such a good friend, I hadn't quit earlier. So I made the decision to quit my creative teams and focus on my own scrapbooking and what's really important to me.  Although, I still do some CT work on occasion, mainly I want to get back to my roots for this hobby.
I will still be sharing my designs with you here, but some of my old freebies (made for CT requirements) will be going away soon.  So if you want to download any of those, do it asap!
My pages are going to be more meaningful to me - documenting my son and the day to day things I never want to forget.  Yes, I am jumping on the Project 365 and 52 Bandwagons!  Project 365 is when you take a photo everyday of the year and Project 52 is when you scrap about your week.
I started early, documenting our week this last week and I have a freebie template and element pack to share with you!
My son said he had the best week ever! And since it was Christmas and we went to LegoLand, that's probably true! Here are my pages documenting this week. I love how simple the pages are and that they document the fun, crazy, and important things about this week.  It's all about the photos and remembering these special and everyday moments...the things I want to cherish since he is here and alive.

These freebies will be available for a limited time, after which I will be collecting them to be put in a charity kit.  So pick them up soon if you can use them!
Here are the metal frames I used on my page:

Link Expired  (They will be put into a kit for Charity.)

And I turned my pages into templates.  Hope you can use them!  They are in psd and tif files with some extra metal elements including the days of the week.
Link Expired (They will be put into a kit for Charity.)
Sending hugs to you!
Denise aka A Grieving Mommy