Saturday, June 19, 2010

Snow White Digital Scrapbooking Pages

A page for my sweet baby girl, Chloee, called Fairest one of All!  She's so cute!

And a page of T about when he first rode the Snow White ride at Disneyland - we found out really fast that it was tooooo scary!!  Journaling: When we first took Tyson to Disneyland, we thought we'd go first to Fantasyland and do some of the "kiddie" rides. Boy, were we wrong! We didn't realize how scary of a ride Snow White was! You didn't want to go on any more rides after that. So we left the dark rides and headed over to It's a Small World. Now we always start there!

And I have a freebie for ya!  It is a SnowWhite digital scrapbooking background page and the book - both from the Snow White Disneyland ride - extracted from photos I took there!  Hope you can use it!  Please leave a comment when you download!
Download here
- Denise :) A Grieving Mommy


Anonymous said...

cool - thanx!!

SONDRA said...

Thanks for sharing!