Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Always Kiss Me Goodnight Page

Always kiss me goodnight...

I wanted to do a page of T sleeping with his sisters' stuff that we always have in bed with us.  Ever since they died, we have kept Chloee's jacket and Bree's blanket in bed with us.  We usually argue over who gets to hold it while they sleep.  If you look closely in this pic, you can see he's holding their stuff in his arms as he sleeps.  So precious...

Credits: Kristi W's kit called Day in the Meadow.

Cowboy Pages

Love these cowboy photos of him!!!   Soooo precious!

Credits: Photocowgirl's new kit Lil' Bit Country find it here

Disney First Aid and Doctor Mickey Pages:)

Some pages about when he went to the first aid station at Disneyland's California Adventure.  He was playing in the water and fell and skinned his knee.  On the up side, he got over it real quick - being at Disneyland!  And Jake loved going behind the scenes!!
Credits: 9 Out Of 10 Doctors Agree by Libby Weifenbach
Mickey glitter heads by kat Designed
Magical Disney Moment circle by Britt-ish Designs

Monday, March 29, 2010

Princess Pages

I love that super sweet princess angel page for Chloee!

And Tyson's "Meeting a Princess Page" is just so funny to me... I still am amazed we got a pic of him with a princess!

Credits: Casey Krause's kit Abby

Sunday, March 28, 2010


I can't even believe he's old enough now to play basketball!  He was so little in these pictures.  How'd he get so big so fast??!!

Credits: Haynay Designs

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger!

This is a page I made for my son.  He used to dress up as Buzz Lightyear all of the time!  Awww :)  Soooo cute!

Some pages for my girls and some Disneyland pages

I did some pages for my girls.
Beauty for Chloee...

Soaring, tumbling, freewheeling for Bree

I also did some Disney pages too!  Meeting Aladdin and Jasmine:

And in Morrocco at DisneyWorld:

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Denim Angel and I Love Jeans

This is a page of my Bree-Elle.  She truly is a Denim Angel in that pic!

This is a page for my little sis whose nickname is Jeans :)

Credit: scrapidea-timkova

Goodnight Pages

I finally scrapped some pages when Bree was in the hospital.  She was held every night (and day for that matter) of her life...

Credits: Designs by Moo

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

In the Magic Jungle Photos :)

Chloee in a flower petal - soooo beautiful!

In a banana hammock :)

Our Little Monkey :)

Fetch, Dino, Fetch!!

Arent's these pages so fun!

Credits: Olga Unger

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Angels In Waiting Pages and Dear Easter Bunny Letter for the Grieving

There is a Tammy Cochran song that means so much to me.  Her 2 brothers died and she wrote about them in the song Angels in Waiting.  That song inspired these 2 pages.

The lyrics from the Tammy Cochran song Angels in Waiting:

We camped out on the living room floor
In our old sleeping bags, by a make-believe fire.
In a tent made of covers, we talked for hours
My two brother and me.
Keeping the faith; racing with destiny.
They were angels in waiting.
Waiting for wings to fly from this world,
Away from their pain
Treasuring time, til time came to leave,
Leaving behind sweet memories.
Angels in waiting; angels in waiting for wings.
They always knew they’d never grow old.
Sometimes the body is weaker than the soul.
In their darkest hour, I made a promise
I will always keep:
I’ll give them life; I’ll let them live through me.
They were angels in waiting.
Waiting for wings to fly from this world,
Away from their pain
Treasuring time, til time came to leave,
Leaving behind sweet memories.
Angels in waiting; angels in waiting for wings.
Angels in waiting; angels in waiting for me.
They were angels in waiting.
Waiting for wings to fly from this world,
Away from their pain
Treasuring time, til time came to leave,
Leaving behind sweet memories.
Angels in waiting; angels in waiting for wings.
Angels in waiting; angels in waiting for me.

Dear Easter Bunny letter - author unknown

Dear Easter Bunny,
I just had to write today,
to see if you’ll stop in heaven
as you hop along your way?
You see, a part of me is up there
that I miss with all my heart.
My children are up in heaven
and it’s torn my life apart.
When you take the eggs up there,
please whisper in their ears.
Wish them Happy Easter,
And that I miss them more each passing year.

Credits: Kristi W Designs

Sunday, March 14, 2010


The Last Kiss of an Angel - this is a photo of her daddy giving her one last kiss before we put her in her casket and closed it forever...

A much happier kiss - Tyson gives me a big smoochie at Disneyland!

Credits: Just Jaimee

For Chloee

Oh! I miss her.  She's sooooo beautiful!

I've thought a lot about getting a tattoo which really inspired the top scrap page. I just really don't know what I would get and it's not like it's something you can change...  so I guess I'll keep thinking about it!

Chloee - I will always love you.  Love, Mommy

Credits: JJ Scrapping

Little Mr. Fix It :)

Such a cutie pie!!!  He was so into tools from 3 years old and on...  Now he still loves to build things but uses Legos and K-nex stuff mostly.  He's all boy!

Credit: Shien Designs

Bree's Funeral Pages and Memorial Gift

I wanted to do a page for her funeral and this is what I came up with.  You can see a photo of us in the bottom corner at her graveside at Bree's funeral.

One of the guys' girlfriend from my hubby's work made this special wall hanging.  She took the time to dry some of the flowers from Bree's funeral and then glued them into an old/antique window frame.  Then I put the vinyl on the window.  It is so beautiful.  We have it hanging in our home.  It truly is one of the nicest things anyone did for us when our girls died.  The quote says, "If I had a single flower for every time I think of you, I could walk forever in our garden."

So true...

Credits: Digidesignresort

Alien Adventures!!!!

We did a special photoshoot to do these pages!  It was so fun - he was loving this photo shoot!  Then when I was making the pages, he loved it even more!  "Hey Mom, get a picture of me doing this!"  Oh, that kid saves me...

Credits: FrenchGirl

Grief Scrap Pages

This page is about my son playing with angels watching over him constantly.

I created this page in my head while we were at LegoLand and I envisioned my girls playing along with him.  I'm so happy with it turned out.  It helps me to create a page that involves my girls since they are not in the photos.

A fun scene I created of my cute son!

This is a page of my son in a garden with a fairy.  Another page of me trying to create and prove that there is a relationship between my son and his angel sisters.

This is my Bree-Elle.  She was such a sweetie!  This is my creative expression of her in heaven now.

This is Chloee's Heaven page.  Although this page sure doesn't feel right.  She's got to be happy and not sick and sad like this picture - or else what was all of that for???

A page for my hubby - usually I don't scrap him much so it was nice to do a page about what he means to me!

This page has deep meaning for me.  It is about the moment I had to realize that even though my 2 daughters were dead, my husband and son were alive and they needed me. They need me alive and well. (I don't know that I'm always well... though). The journaling comes from a Dave Matthews and Kenny Chesney song - I'm Alive but altered to fit my story.

This last page uses the lyrics from the Carrie Underwood song called Temporary Home.  It's a page about heaven and how this is our temporary home - we're all just waiting to die and be together in heaven again with our girls.

Credits: FanFan Rues des Anges

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Some Scrap Pages

One year, my little boy was Sully for Christmas - what a cute little monster he was!!

I've been wanting to do a page like this for a long time!  His favorite thing to say right now is "I wanna play with Daddy!"  All he wants to do is play with his Dad on the playstation or Wii :)  I asked if he wanted to play with Brayden and he said, "No, I wanna play with Daddy.  He's my favorite friend!"  Awwww! I hope they are always best friends.

Driving School at LegoLand!!

He had sooo much fun doing "Driving School" at LegoLand!!!  He thought he was super cool stuff... ha ha :) what an adorable boy!

Credits: Kristi W Designs and Photocowgirl

A Bunch of Pages!

Credits: Designs by Moo