Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Angel Bree-Elle

The top page is called Bree's An Angel - it is one of my favorite pages that I've ever made.  I love it - it makes me happy to make a page so beautiful for her.  That is one of her funeral pics we took.
The second one is with her daddy when we brought her home from the mortuary.
Journaling reads:
"This is one of those memories we want to hold onto, to cling to, one we can't forget."
The quote comes from a Darius Rucker song called "History in the Making" which I love.

Credits: Delicious Scraps


Nana and Papa said...

I have no idea how I got to this site, but I know the reason. My daughter's daughter, Amanda Lynn, was born still January 16, 2008. This is the saddest day in my families life. We have four wonderful grandchildren through international adoption, as my two daughters were told they could never have biological children. This was after years of fertility treatments. They, one day, my oldest daughter told me and her Dad she wad her husband were pregnant. We were ecstatic at the thought of having a newborn grandchild. Our youngest grandchild coming home was 11 months old. The day our Amanda was born into Heaven is the saddest, hardest day in my life. To watch my daughter hold her most beautiful, perfect child lifeless is beyond what any person should have to endure. I will return to your blogs, as I know you have felt our pain and understand our feelings. Thank you for sharing your daughter's lives with me. You and your family are in my prayers.

Tiffany said...

I saw you on Mousescrappers. Your page brought tears to my eyes. My heart just breaks for you. Your layouts are absolutely stunning.