Sunday, March 14, 2010

Grief Scrap Pages

This page is about my son playing with angels watching over him constantly.

I created this page in my head while we were at LegoLand and I envisioned my girls playing along with him.  I'm so happy with it turned out.  It helps me to create a page that involves my girls since they are not in the photos.

A fun scene I created of my cute son!

This is a page of my son in a garden with a fairy.  Another page of me trying to create and prove that there is a relationship between my son and his angel sisters.

This is my Bree-Elle.  She was such a sweetie!  This is my creative expression of her in heaven now.

This is Chloee's Heaven page.  Although this page sure doesn't feel right.  She's got to be happy and not sick and sad like this picture - or else what was all of that for???

A page for my hubby - usually I don't scrap him much so it was nice to do a page about what he means to me!

This page has deep meaning for me.  It is about the moment I had to realize that even though my 2 daughters were dead, my husband and son were alive and they needed me. They need me alive and well. (I don't know that I'm always well... though). The journaling comes from a Dave Matthews and Kenny Chesney song - I'm Alive but altered to fit my story.

This last page uses the lyrics from the Carrie Underwood song called Temporary Home.  It's a page about heaven and how this is our temporary home - we're all just waiting to die and be together in heaven again with our girls.

Credits: FanFan Rues des Anges