Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Join me for a Scraplift Challenge and get my Tron Digital Scrapbooking Kit!!!

My little boy is infatuated with Tron.  I blame the Disney Channel :)  They really promoted that show and when we were in Disneyland last, he was so excited to see the Electronica area over at the California Adventure side of Disneyland.
Then we saw the movie and he LOVED IT so we had to get the toys.  So of course I had to make a Tron kit for him!!!
Here are my pages of my boy getting his Tron toys.  He he, they make me laugh.  What would I do without that kit :)  The photos captured exactly how excited he was!

I still need to do the pages of him seeing the movie.
But I also found that this kit is awesome for Star Wars and Monorail pages when I used it to do a Monorail page last night:
We rode in the front of the monorail (never done that before!) and it was super cool :)
Here's the kit:
You can only get it by completing my Scraplift Challenge over at MouseScrappers this week.  Find the info about it here.
This kit will never be for sale (since it has so many Disney specific items), so join me in the challenge to get it!  (Or at least follow me through my blog or facebook to have a chance to get it after the challenge!)
Hugs :)
Denise aka A Grieving Mommy
PS - I did include the monorail from my scrap page with Mickey and Donald in the kit too!!


Denise said...

Just found your blog and I'm so very excited to start using some of your graphics, kits and word art. I go to Disneyland all the time with my nephew a speacial needs child he's only 3 years old and Doctors say he's a 3 month development but we see a spark when he goes to the parks (when he's not in Children's hospital LA or home). I also raise guide dogs and they accompany us to the parks and my first pup loved Pirates so much she would pull us to the attraction so she could get in the boat and stick her head over the side.