Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Donate Blood, Save a Life and then Scrap it with this Freebie Kit!

Whenever we have a birthday or angel day for the girls, we always try to do some kind of charity or service project.  This time for Chloee's Angel Day yesterday, I donated blood.  Chloee was hospitalized for the majority of her life and had a blood transfusion after one of her surgeries.  I often wonder who donated that blood for her and gave her that gift so this time I went in and donated myself.  I really can't believe I've never done it before - it was super easy and my blood will probably go to help 3 people who need it.
If you haven't donated before or haven't in awhile, I hope maybe you will think about doing it and giving up a half hour of your time to help someone else that you don't know.  Something good comes out of giving with no thought of anything in return.
Then, you can take some pics and you come back and scrap all about it!  Cause I've got a very special freebie for you called Donate Blood, Save a Life :)
My dear hubby gets the Donate Blood Wuss sign - he said he was afraid of needles...  I'm making him next time though :)
Here are my pages of me donating in Chloee's memory yesterday.  I donated at my local Red Cross Donation Center.

Here is the freebie kit for ya.  I really hope that it inspires someone out there to donate blood!

Download here
If you get an error message - please try again in a few minutes, it just means the server is really busy at the moment.
Sending hugs to you!
Denise aka A Grieving Mommy


LRaeWoo said...

Thanks for the wonderful kit and blood donating recruiting efforts! When I was in college I worked as a recruiter for the local blood bank. My Mom worked at the same blood bank for over 20 years. I definitely h ave some pics to scrap with this kit. Thanks so much.

Ray said...

thank you for sharing someone gave blood and saved my life i love this kit

hsmom said...

What a cool idea. Thank you for the support of giving blood.

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [18 Feb 12:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

Kristen said...

I love this! I am getting an error when I am trying to download.

Paula said...

Hi Denise!!
I wanted to stop by and see what beautiful things you've been up to :D

You little mini kits are just fabulous... and your pages are all simply stunning!!

Hope u are well... miss 'seeing' ya

Kristen said...

Yay I could download it! TY so much :o). Blessings for your day.

Patti said...

My 17-year old daughter and her HOSA group (Health Occ Students...) hosted a blood drive and I gave blood for the first time. Since she is a senior, I took pictures of her by the bloodmobile. This will be perfect for her scrapbook page! ! ! ! Thank you!

Brenda said...

I am not able to download the kit. Must be something wrong with the site. This is such a cute kit. Never have seen anything like it. I have given pheresis about 165 times, that's 24 times a year for 6 1/2 years. I truly believe in giving!

TiggerRD said...

I'm donating on 2/24. I try to donate at least three times a year.

Thanks for the kit!

Perkypine said...

Thenks for reminding me. I've had my blood saved for me for two C-sections and a double bypass but it's been a long time since I've given for anyone else. My husband's off Monday for Presidents' Day so maybe I'll get him to come with me...
Thanks for the freebies - I worked at a mobile blood bank which was sent out by our local blood bank when we were living in California and giving blood is really easy and nearly painless - honest!

~eVe~ said...

The hardest thing we had to do was watch our daughter lose her daughter. She had cytomegolovirus. She was literally peeled out of her mothers womb. For seven month Hope Rose was on a roller coaster and we were on the ride with her. We did learn that when you donate blood and it is for babies it goes to more than 3. So, babies really can benefit from healthy blood. Not everyone can give blood to a baby because of this particular virus. So please, keep that in mind next time you give blood. Bless your sweet hearts family. It's been seven years since we lost our granddaughter - the pain is manageable - but the longing stays. Long live their memories!

deb said...

How cool is this? I really enjoy giving blood and knowing I helped someone who needed it. Thank you!

SILVINA said...


Janelle Shultz said...

one of my friends told me about this blog & your post about blood donation! i've never missed a blood appointment- been donating since college days. i just donated last week! so super important (and i'm O-). i also have a daughter named chloe. we had a difficult pregnancy with her. during my pregnancy i started building up antibodies...her dad & i are RH incompatible. i had 10 amnio's w/ her & we had to have her born a month early. after she was born she needed 2 blood transfusions! it is an amazingly selfless act- donating blood! i love your digital kit! i am sorry to hear about your losses! xoxo

Unknown said...

I gave blood yesterday for the 9th time. I felt guilty because due to having a certain type of job I was unable to give blood for over 5 years, but thankfully I started a new job and can now give blood.
I don't mind the needle part, but for some reason my body is not keen on giving blood, but I still do it.
I think it's wonderful and it saves lives. I wrote about my experience on my blog today.