Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Bunch of Scrap Pages

I've been trying to do a page for when we wrote the girls' names in the sand for sooooo long now.  Nothing seemed to look right.  But I keep trying.  Here's the page I came up with that I actually love now:

Next, I did a hidden Mickey we found on the Monsters Inc ride in Disneyland's California Adventure park while there with our good friends and fellow Disney maniacs!!! Kari and Alan.

And a page for Chloee.  It is so Chloee-esque!  Pink and bright and beautiful of course...  She fills our lives with sunshine still.

And I couldn't leave my Bree out!!!  Everything purple reminds us of Bree.  Here's her page with a very precious photo.  My heart is tied to her with heartstrings.

And finally I had to do a page for my boy!  Here's my Rambunctious Boy(s) page of T on a go-cart but he was too little to pedal so his Daddy had to push him around the track!  he he

Credit: Graham Like the Cracker