Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hating Heaven

Hating Heaven
Why did I put that movie in? I should know better.
I am really HATING heaven right now. Where is our happily ever after? Why
does every show seem to have a happy ending when there is no happy ending in
our life and there never will be. Those people who think there is are WRONG. We
will never see or be with our girls again. I know because I buried them. I put them
in a casket and closed the cover and designed grave markers. I held them in my arms and
felt it as their bodies got cold and saw their glazed eyes. I dressed them in their funeral clothes and held their stiff bodies, saw their decayed skin. I heard autopsy reports and received death certificates. Please do NOT say to me, "Someday."  I HATE "Someday". And I am hating heaven.
I hate heaven because I am NOT THERE. I just want to be there, to be with them.
We should be with our girls and I hate heaven for that.
- agrievingmommy

Credits: Background Paper by Just Jaimee
Clouds and Lighting effects by Azur and her kit Sea you later


Best Kept Memories said...

So sorry for your losses...I know no words could ever help. Praying for a peace for you that surpasses all understanding because it's times like these that I lack understanding so much. Blessings to you and your family.