Sunday, May 24, 2009

Death of a Child Poem

A simple child,
That lightly draws its breath,
And feels its life in every limb,
What should it know of death?
by William Wadsworth

This poem is from an opening page of the book Tears of Rage: From Grieving Father to Crusader for Justice: The Untold Story of the Adam Walsh Case by John Walsh with Susan Shindehette


Sheri Perl said...

I lost my son Danny to an overdose of alcohol and prescription drugs on July 1, 2008. He was 22 years old. It has been devastating. The only thing that has helped me at all is my knowledge of the spirit world and the ability to "connect up" with Danny through thoughts, feelings, signs and of course, reputable mediums. Because Dan has made me aware, (through communications with medium Glenn Dove) that he feels and is uplifted by our prayers for him, I have started a Prayer Registry for parents who have lost children. In this way many of us can link up in thought and send group prayers out to each child registered on the anniversary day of their passing. The registry has not yet been in existence for a year and already we have heard from some of the kids, (through mediums) that the prayers are very helpful. My Danny describes it as "catching rides". The families on this side also report feeling supported by these prayers. Please read about the Prayer Registry, for which there is no charge, at my website: and please help me to spread the word. I’d like to see this open up to a much larger group. Thank you!