Friday, February 12, 2010

Chloee's Angel Day on Monday

Chloee's Angel Day is Monday. We will run away again - this time to spoil Tys in LegoLand. But she will still be in my heart - always.
Made this scrap page for her - "Beautiful Girl"

Dear Chloee,
We love you. Happy Angel Day. 4 years now you've been gone and we've missed you every day - every second of every day. We will run away again on your Angel day but you will still be in our hearts. Loves to you baby girl - Mommy, Daddy, and Tys

Credits: Kristi W Designs


plaidspolitics said...

You probably won't see this if you're off to Legoland. But I am thinking of you anyway. I read about Disneyland, and I know what you mean about it never being the same. We just took our family, and it's hard not to have our little ones with us because they died. :( Dominic had his crisis event at Lagoon, so it is rough to do any kind of amusement park now. The two oldest kids still remember getting off the bumper cars, and coming around the corner with their dad and seeing us just as we were discovering that Dominic had stopped breathing. So it just brings it all up for us again. We try to enjoy ourselves. I can't imagine going just a few days after the kids had died, though. I think it was a good idea to try, but it must have just been tremendously overwhelming (because anything is overwhelming right then, but a big trip is stressful in its own ways, too). Anyway, I wonder if we will ever meet in real life. I'm glad you are continuing to use your talent to keep your memories so beautifully recorded. I don't know what a "CT" is, but I'm glad you get that opportunity, too. You're in my thoughts. I never got to meet Chloee (or any of you, yet), but I do believe that Dominic and Bridget have associations with her and Bree. So I just think of you guys often. Wish I was better at being able to offer anything of comfort...